MtM12: 12-month Comprehensive Program – Master the Markets (2024)

Join our transformative course, "Master the Markets," designed to guide you from foundational knowledge to becoming a full-time trader. Gain expertise in market fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management, and advanced strategies. Immerse yourself in real-time trading experiences with personalised feedback. Our comprehensive support includes mastering trading psychology and transitioning to a full-time trading career. Benefit from expert guidance, a structured curriculum, and a collaborative community. Transform your passion into a profession.

· 10 January 2024

Course Objectives:

The course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of financial markets to become a full-time trader. The specific objectives include:

Term 1 – Mastering Dow Theory & Technical Analysis Foundations:
Term 2 – Beyond the Basics: Intermediate Techniques in Technical Analysis:
Term 3 – Simplified Wave Mastery: CEWA Level 1 for Elliott Waves:
Term 4 – Market Mastery: Advanced Technical Analysis Strategies:


Terms 1-3 (3 x One-Day online Masterclass): Additionally, a dedicated One-Day online masterclass will bridge the gaps and address any misconceptions from each term’s lessons, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material.
Term 4 (One-Day live Masterclass): Immerse yourself in a unique blend of education and celebration at our exclusive event! Begin with a dynamic live masterclass led by industry experts, delving into key concepts and strategies. Engage in interactive sessions, ask questions, and elevate your knowledge. As the masterclass concludes, step into a festive wonderland for an unforgettable Christmas party at a luxurious 5-star venue. Enjoy a full-catered experience with delectable cuisine, premium drinks, and networking opportunities. This event is designed to create lasting memories, connecting like-minded individuals in a luxurious setting.

By the end of the entire course, participants will have gained a comprehensive understanding of technical analysis, from foundational principles to advanced strategies. They will possess the skills required to analyse markets, make informed trading decisions, and approach the financial markets with confidence and mastery.

Additionally, you’ll get access to the following:

Exclusive Trading chat group: All students will get access to an exclusive chat group for students seeking a strategic advantage in trading. Join seasoned trader ‘ASX Trader’ in discussions, gain access to proven strategies, and participate in real-time market analyses. Forge connections, refine your approach, and elevate your trading journey with exclusive insights tailored for success.

Who Should Attend?

  • Novice investors seeking a structured learning path to understand the basics of market analysis and trading strategies.
  • Experienced traders aiming to deepen their knowledge and refine their strategies.
  • Financial professionals seeking to expand their skill set.
  • Anyone interested in understanding the forces that drive financial markets.

Course Features:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in live webinars with industry experts.
  • Practical Exercises: Apply your knowledge with real-world case studies and trading simulations using Vema.
  • Peer Discussions: Learn from fellow participants and share your insights.
  • Games: Reinforce and consolidate learnings through fun and interactive games & activities
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access a library of reading materials, videos, and tools.
  • Certification: Receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.


40 weeks or 4 terms (6 live sessions per week, 7-12 hours per week commitment)


ASX Trader (Bachelor of Education, Certified Financial Technician – CFTe, Certified Elliotician Level 1 – CEWA), a seasoned investor and experienced educator in the financial markets, specialising in technical analysis and market dynamics.

Craig Tapping – (MBA), an experienced business leader within South African and Australian corporate environments. 25 years’ experience in financial markets, specialising in macroeconomics and technical analysis.

Enrol Today!

Class begins on Monday 29th of April 2024 and comes with the following:

Year long Comprehensive Program – Master the Markets

4 x online whole-day Masterclasses

1 x live 5-star all-inclusive Masterclass

12 months access to Vema Trader ($990 value)

exclusive access to private chat group with Asx Trader all year

Bonus NFT Creation Masterclass ($2500 value)

I’ll be selecting a lead educator and some other educators from the 12-month course to become future educators of Mastering the Markets. Those chosen will receive additional private education from me, and all expenses will be covered for qualifications to become a CFTe and/or CEWA. This exciting opportunity comes with a 6-digit part-time salary, offering room for further growth as the business expands.

Embark on a transformative journey to master the art and science of technical analysis and understand the pulse of the market. Develop the mindset of a successful investor and navigate the financial markets with confidence.

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Course Includes

  • 45 Lessons
  • 75 Topics
  • 8 Quizzes