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Dow Theory Principles with Technical Analysis Foundations


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About Mastering the Markets

Welcome to Mastering the Markets (MtM), your premier education platform committed to revolutionizing your approach to the markets. In the vast and often unpredictable landscape of financial markets, it’s easy to feel adrift, unsure of which direction to take. At MtM, we’ve built our foundation on the fundamental belief that knowledge is the cornerstone of success.

Our mission is clear: to empower our students with the insights and strategies necessary to navigate the markets confidently and effectively. No longer will you find yourself succumbing to the pitfalls of buying at the peak or selling at the bottom. Through our comprehensive education and guidance, we ensure that you’re equipped to make informed decisions, steering clear of common mistakes and maximizing your potential for success. Welcome to a new era of mastery in the markets with Mastering the Markets.

In the real world, numerous individuals depend entirely on their salary, neglecting investments or savings for the future. It’s akin to participating in Monopoly without acquiring properties or seizing opportunities to expand one’s wealth. Despite recognising the futility of such a strategy in Monopoly, many individuals adopt a similar approach to life’s endeavours.

Enter “Mastering the Markets,” your guide to achieving success in real-life Monopoly and steadily growing your wealth. Just as in the game, strategic investments are key – whether in stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency, or real estate. Equipping yourself with these techniques enables you to forge a more resilient financial future, steering clear of the repetitive cycle of merely traversing the board without advancing.

Let’s Be Different

“Imagine playing Monopoly, and never buying anything ... just collecting your $200 for passing GO each time around the board.”

This is how most people live their lives

Our Best Features

Comprehensive Curriculum Designed by Experts

Expertly crafted curriculum that incorporates cutting-edge teaching methodologies rooted in the latest research. The curriculum is carefully tailored to cater to a diverse range of learners, placing a premium on setting clear objectives, employing structured teaching approaches, conducting authentic assessments, and fostering personalised learning experiences. Continuously adapting and refining based on feedback and emerging insights, MtM ensures that its educational offerings remain at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering exceptional value to its students.

Interactive Learning Experience with Real-World Application

Students engage in interactive learning through hands-on activities like simulations and case studies, linking theory to real-world applications. Traders receive feedback on their strategies, enhancing practical skills. Guest speakers enrich learning by sharing industry insights, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This approach equips students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for real-world trading.

Supportive Community and Networking Opportunities

Join a culture of collaboration and community engagement with regular virtual interactions. These interactions serve as opportunities to build strong relationships and foster meaningful connections within the educational setting. Moreover, extend beyond traditional boundaries, allowing you to expand your networks and engage with a broader community of peers, professionals, and industry experts. Enrich your learning experience but also cultivate valuable relationships that can support your personal and professional growth in the long run.

Our 10-Week Course Includes

Embark on a transformative journey through Charles Dow’s timeless teachings in technical analysis. Master market dynamics, risk management, and trading psychology aligned with Dow Theory. Explore Fibonacci, divergence, patterns, and more. Our course is designed to provide you with all the ingredients and a recipe card to confidently navigate buying and selling. Conclude with a dynamic masterclass. Enrol now for essential tools and insights in trading and investment.

  • Technical Analysis Foundations
  • Dow Theory Principles
  • Charting Strategy
  • Games to consolidate learning
  • Gamification + Marketplace
  • 3 months access to VEMA Trader Pro
  • Online Peer Community
  • Trading Simulators Scenarios
  • 1 Day online MasterClass
  • Ali Day’s ACTV Bulletproof Mindset Program

Our Yearlong Program Includes

The course is meticulously structured to provide participants with a thorough grasp of financial markets, enabling them to transition into full-time traders. Spanning four terms, it covers a spectrum of technical macro analysis components: from mastering Dow Theory and laying the foundations in Term 1, progressing to intermediate techniques in Term 2, simplifying Elliott Wave analysis in Term 3, and culminating in advanced strategies in Term 4. Additionally, masterclasses are interspersed throughout the course, offering online sessions to reinforce learning and a live event in Term 4, blending education with celebration at a luxurious venue. By the course’s end, participants emerge equipped with a comprehensive understanding of technical analysis, empowered to analyse markets, make informed trading decisions, and approach financial markets with confidence and mastery.

  • Technical Analysis Basics & Advanced
  • Macro-analysis foundations
  • Advanced Charting Strategies
  • Elliott Wave CEWA level 1
  • Games to consolidate learning
  • Gamification + Marketplace
  • Ali Day’s ACTV Bulletproof Mindset Program
  • 12 months VEMA Trader Pro access
  • Online Peer Community
  • Trading Simulators Scenarios
  • Trading Competitions with prizes
  • 4 x 1 Day Online Masterclass
  • 5-star all-inclusive Live Event + Party

Develop a Bulletproof Mindset

At Mastering the Markets (MtM), we empower our students with three essential pillars: technical and macro analysis, risk management with VEMA Trader, and developing strong trader psychology. We’ve partnered with ACTV, led by GOAT Ironman Ali Day (four-time Nutri-Grain Series champion, nine-time Coolangatta Gold champion), to offer a custom built ‘Strong Mindset’ program. Backed by the latest research, this program helps traders develop a bulletproof mindset. MtM students gain exclusive access to benefit from premier education and mindset training with Ali Day and the ACTV team. Empower your journey with MtM and ACTV: Mastering markets, building resilience, and achieving success—one strong mindset at a time. Learn more about ACTV at ACTV Strength Co..

What You Will Love About MTM

Expert Instructor

Our instructors are all expert educators, certified in their respective field.

Practical Experience

Apply what you learn and get real-world experience before you graduate.

Intelligent Assessment

We use a wide range of assessments techniques to more accurately measure how well you’re doing.

Earn CPD Credits

Earn CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits by participating in our courses.

An Education You Know You Can Trust

What Our Students Say About Us

Steve Cottrell
Steve CottrellAustralia
Read More
The course was excellent and we were given enough time to learn, understand and also put in many practical examples. He was always available to answer many of our questions and explained in very easy to understand terms. Some stuff still a little confusing but are able to go over things a number of times which really helped until it just clicked. Very knowledgeable and great teacher.
 Alvin Kong
Alvin KongAustralia
Read More
The charity course has surpassed my expectations, thanks to its meticulously organized content. Every module was presented with utmost clarity, catering to both novices and seasoned traders. The incorporation of real-life case studies and practical examples offered profound insights, enriching my comprehension of market dynamics.While occasional IT issues surfaced, the team consistently endeavors to resolve them promptly.
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I love this course, which is aimed at someone who wants to be able to read the charts so they can invest in the market. ASX is such a thorough teacher.He comes from a teaching background breaks each concept down into simple to understand chunks. He has such an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. I could listen to him for hours and hours. I can not speak highly enough of ASX and this course.
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I wanted to share my profound gratitude for the transformative experience I've had under Mastering the Markets. Prior to the course, I felt lost in my trading journey, experimenting with various strategies and following different sources without direction. The clarity I now have is remarkable, and for the first time, I feel equipped to succeed in my trading journey. In just this short period, I've gained more knowledge than I did in two years of self-learning.
Tyson Houra
Tyson Houra New Zealand
Read More
As a complete beginner in this trading market space, ASX trader at MtM made things that confused me seem so easy to understand through his teachings from market structure to plotting market trends,identifying divergences,identifying pattern flips etc etc,weather a seasoned trader or complete newbie like myself i highly recommened taking a course from this wonderful organisation. Untill next time ASX trader.
Peter Gervasi
Peter GervasiAustralia
Read More
What an amazing journey. ASX trader should be highly commended for how he has put this together. He's put this together in such a way anyone could learn this from scratch. I would hopefully see schools adopting this in the future. He has so much passion for what he teaches it shines through in his classes. My skills and confidence levels are vastly improved from where I started,am excited to see where this takes me.


MtM101: 10 Week Course -
July 22nd Intake

A Single Term with MtM - 10 Week course covering "Dow Theory Principles with Technical Analysis Foundations"
$ 2999 AUD exGST
  • Technical Analysis Basics
  • Charting Strategy
  • Games to consolidate learning
  • Gamification + Marketplace
  • Trading Simulator Scenarios
  • 3 Months Access to VEMA Trader Pro
  • Weekly Special Guest Speakers
  • Online Peer Community
  • 1 Day MasterClass

MtM12: Year Long Program -
Next Intake April 29th (Last for 2024)

A Yearlong Program with MtM - 4 x 10-Week Terms of Technical Analysis scaling in complexity throughout the year. Representing a 25% Saving.
$ 9999 AUD exGST
  • Technical Analysis Basics & Advanced
  • Charting Strategy
  • Games to consolidate learning
  • Gamification + Marketplace
  • Trading Simulator Scenarios
  • 12 Months Access to VEMA Trader Pro
  • Online Peer Community
  • 4 x 1 Day MasterClass
  • Celebration Event + Party
  • Trading Competitions with Prizes
  • Access to ASX Trader's Community Chat
  • Weekly Special Guest Speakers
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Frequently Asked Questions

To inform our potential students about what they are commiting to, we have compiled a listof common questions we often receive.

No prior experience in finance or trading is necessary. The course is designed to accommodate beginners as well as those with a background in trading.

Each Course is delivered within the standard Australian School Term of approximately 10 weeks. We suggest you allow for between 7 – 12 hours per week for learning, depending on your prior experience.

ASX Trader and his team of specialists and experts have composed this course based on current day tactics and their real-world experience.

ASX Trader has a Bachelor of Education with decades of teaching experience as a Deputy Head Principal, Head of Curriculum and classroom teacher. He is also internationally recognised as a CFTe – Certified Financial Technician.

There are no hidden fees or additional costs for course materials. All resources are included in the course fee.

The courses include multiple Live Zoom calls with the educators, subject matter experts and special guests.

There is also regular weekly catch up calls for students to seek additional support.

Yes. You will gain access to an exclusive community of fellow learners and trading professionals for networking and support.

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